New Client Submission Checklist

As a reseller of confidential credit data reported by the credit bureaus, we are required to investigate each applicant for service to make certain that the applicant, as a future requester of confidential consumer information, is a proper party and will request the information according to law. Please complete the form below and supply required documentation (Click here to view required documents)

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Contact:, Inc. - Tenant Screening Agreement
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Under the FCRA, you are required to identify your permissible purpose for requesting consumer credit data. Your permissible purpose is:

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FCRA Requirements

Access Security Requirements

End User Certification of Compliance

Accepts by Subscriber

The undersigned is duly authorized representatives with power to execute this Agreement.
I agree that Credit Reports are only to be run for tenant screening and users will not order credit reports on themselves, friends or family.
I agree not to resell credit information
I have read and agree to the FCRA Requirements
I have read and agree to the Access Security Requirements
I have read and agree to the End User Certification of Compliance
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By submitting this contract, I attest that I have read, understand, and agree to all the terms and conditions in this contract.